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About Mature Moves

'Mature Moves' is a program developed by Century 21 Real Estate Corporation specifically to address the needs and wants of mature adults who are about to enter another phase of life. Let me explain.

Lifestyle change happens to all of us. If you have experienced, or are about to experience, any of these events, you will know what I mean. And you will also recognize that each lifestyle change triggers a different set of wants and needs:

- you became an 'empty nester'
- you just turned 50 when your position was 'outsourcing'
- your children moved to the other side of the country
- your spouse died
- you started a home business
- you or your spouse retired
- you or your spouse suffers from a debilitating disease or condition

The list could be much longer, but you can see from just these few events that often, events such as these provide the motivation, or the need, to move to a new home. A home with special requirements, to meet your special needs.

The Mature Moves program ensures that selected Century 21 real estate professionals acquire the knowledge and expertise needed to help mature adults to make home buying or home selling decisions that are most appropriate to their changing lifestyle, circumstance special needs.

Real estate professionals who are certified as Century 21 Mature Moves Specialists are sensitive to the range of those special needs. While guiding you through the myriad of choices and decisions you will be called upon to make, your certified Mature Moves Specialist will provide advice that is highly relevant to your existing, and anticipated, housing needs.

In Victoria, BC, Lorne Meyer is the preeminent Mature Moves Specialist. He will work closely with you to:

-identify and define your housing needs
-create a plan of action to address those those needs
-act on the plan until your needs are met

Whether you want to move across the country to be closer to your grandchildren, downtown to downsize, or to an assisted living situation, Lorne can help. 

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